Author: Daphne den Boer

My name is Daphne den Boer, I was born and raised in The Netherlands and moved to Australia in 2012.My business is called "The Mood Lifter" and I am a Personal Trainer who focusses on fitness for mental health. I have been in the fitness industry for over two years and started lifting weights about four years ago. My passion for helping people with their mental health comes from my own experience with anxiety & depression. When I was struggling myself, I was not aware of the power of fitness. There was no personal trainer out there who could understand what I was going through. That is why I became one. I am helping my clients to love themselves and create a happier and healthier lifestyle.
Jul 12
5 Tips to Beat Your Anxiety by The Mood Lifter

One in five Australians suffer from a mental illness. I am the one out of five who…