The problem
Why do people go to gyms?... Most people are wanting to get results and change their lifestyles.

Unfortunately the fitness industry is not helping people to do that. People are signing up for 12+ month long memberships at gyms with rooms full of mirrors, row after row of machines, treadmills and outdated aerobics classes.

Other providing sub optimal training services, once people have signed up no one care's to see if that person actually gets the result they are after.

You can hire a 1-on-1 pt to get personalised training services but aside from the alarming quality of the pt's available, getting a trainer for 3-5 times per week can set you back anywhere between $150-$450 per week which is unaffordable for the majority of the population.

The solution
Our solutions at Fitness Renegades is to provide our clients real results... we know what it actually takes to get you the results you are after and we are completely dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

The 4 pillars of coaching for our members are Training, Nutrition, Mindset and Environment.

Our team of world class coaches will take you every step of the way to achieving the results you are after.
At Fitness Renegades you are part of a family who are their to support each other.

Our mission is to change the way that the fitness industry operates, to change our clients lives and to have fun along the journey.

We are not your average gym... Our state of the art training facilities, highly skilled coaches, body transformation formula's, nutrition programs, support structures, body composition tracking machines, personalised coaching, accountability checkpoints are designed to do 1 thing....Transform your body and change your life!

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