Games Day 2019

Games Day was created by Hayden LaVanda, 5 x CrossFit Regional Athlete (Crossfit Artax), with the idea to progress people through The CrossFit Games journey.

The CrossFit season is broken up into three stages. The Open, Regionals and the Games. Stage one (The Open) is where it ends for 99% of the population. The inspiration behind Games Day is to take people the CrossFit Games journey over a weekend.

Starting out with Previous CF Open WODs, progressing to Regional WODs then finishing off with CF Games WODs. Like phase one (The Open) athletes will be tested through various events to find out who is “The Fittest”.

This will allow us to accurately place each athlete in the appropriate category moving forward into the “Regional & Games” events.

Games Day isn't just for "The Fittest", this competition is for everyone at all levels of fitness. Like The Open, if you need to scale events you will be placed in the Beginner category.

If you are a Masters athlete you have the option to participate in Masters Beginner or Masters Advance, and Teens have the 14-15-year-old and 16-17-year-old category.

Games Day will be a competition like "one" other. THE CROSSFIT GAMES!

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