Rucci’s Gym is a serious training facility specialising in Powerlifting and sports performance.

Established in 2010, Rucci’s Gym started as a small garage gym with a select group of people. In June 2012, Dan and Paul took a big step and opened a gym under the name of “Performance Training Centre – Perth”, which grew in to one of the premier strength facilities in the country. The gym was then rebranded to the original Rucci’s Gym in November 2018.​

Today, Rucci’s Gym is one of the best equipped Powerlifting facilities in the country, perhaps even the world. Coupled with an exceptional level of coaching, support services and an amazing team of people, Rucci’s Gym helps set a high benchmark in strength facilities.

The popularity of the facility is driven by a no BS approach to training, achieving results and a friendly, encouraging team culture.

Founders and owners Dan and Paul Rucci have promoted the sport of Powerlifting and strength training and today local competitions boast up to 100+ competitors. The success comes from running professional competitions, supplying the best facilities and by working at a grass roots level to encourage new lifters.

We encourage our members to work towards a goal and possibly even compete in something as this provides motivation and goals which drive growth and success.

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