Breathing Energy into Gym Launches with Dynamic Visual Content

Oct 22
Revo Fitness
Health & Fitness

Service Overview

Revo Fitness was expanding rapidly across Australia but faced two primary challenges. First, they had difficulty finding a videography team that could resonate with their brand's pulse. The look and feel of the content had to be spot-on. Second, due to the gym environments only being ready just before the official openings, there was an acute need for swift content turnaround - often within 24 hours.


Customised Video Production: We delivered both portrait and landscape videos tailored for different platforms - web and social media. The content was crafted to serve dual purposes - marketing and awareness. Strategic Brand Understanding: Before delving into the project, we held in-depth discussions with Revo Fitness. These conversations revolved around the desired aesthetics, the target audience, brand goals, and key attributes. This understanding allowed us to take the reins during shoots, ensuring every shot encapsulated the brand's spirit. Efficient Communication & Research: We prioritised open communication, ensuring that the desired brand feel was understood and executed right from the outset.


"Amazing work! We really love the videos, and it's refreshing to know that there's someone who can nail it pretty much on the first version of the deliverable." - Revo Fitness Representative