You got questions, we got answers.

Can you assist with paid social media advertising?

Absolutely! We can run paid social media campaigns on Facebook & Instagram to bolster lead generation for your business.

Can you run website SEO or Google Ads?

While we specialize in other areas, we're always happy to consult and guide you towards expertise regarding website SEO or Google Advertising.

Can you help with website design or improvements?

ur focus is primarily on content, but we're connected! If you need website expertise, we can guide you to trusted partners in that field.

What about crafting marketing campaigns?

While we don’t create campaigns from scratch, we're here to produce compelling content like videos and images that complement your campaigns. Plus, we can advise on the content that best suits your objectives.

How do you charge for marketing campaigns?

Our monthly subscription service covers paid social media advertising, giving you flexibility with no lock-in contracts. For deeper insights, book a call with us!

Can you help with copywriting?

While that’s not in our suite of services, we can certainly connect you to skilled copywriters we trust.

How about scriptwriting for videos?

We excel in guiding the content direction. While we don’t draft scripts, we provide insights on what topics to cover during video shoots, including structured questions for interviews and testimonials.

Where do we shoot?

We love capturing the essence of your business, so we shoot onsite. For product shots or custom requests, let’s chat – we can organize a studio if needed.

What's the timeline post-shoot for receiving content?

We value your time. Expect your content within 72hrs post-shoot, conveniently delivered via Dropbox.

Preparation for the shoot: any guidelines?

Absolutely. Our Strategy Call covers all the nuances, but in general, neat presentation, informed participants, and a camera-ready location are key. We’ll provide any additional specific requirements well in advance.

What's the volume of content I can expect post-shoot?

We offer tailored content packages. For a comprehensive list of what’s included, feel free to explore our Services page.

What’s the typical duration of a shoot?

We keep it concise yet comprehensive – our shoots span 2 hrs. And, to make it seamless, we provide a run sheet in advance.

Can existing footage be repurposed by you?

Our strategies are often aligned with the fresh content we shoot, ensuring quality and relevance. While we prefer our own captures, let’s discuss any existing content you have in mind.

How can my event feature Perth Fitfam’s touch?

We provide both video and imagery services for events, along with real-time content for your live social media feeds. Our team scales according to your event’s needs.

Could Perth Fitfam be a media partner for events?

We're open to discussions! If a media partnership intrigues you, please reach out through our enquiry form.

Will our event get a shoutout on your social channels?

Certainly! Every event we cover benefits from a Collaborative Post on our platform.

Do you oversee Live Streams?

Live Stream management isn’t in our current offerings. However, we can consult and guide you to the right expertise in that area.

Post-event, when will athletes get their media packages?

We ensure athletes are promptly catered to – they’ll have their photos and videos via Dropbox within 72hrs of the event wrap-up.